Learning together – reading and role modeling

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About 140 second-graders were assembled into the auditorium to hear their favorite football team, the Prexies, read to them. Washington High School Assistant Football Coach Lance Vallee has been working with the 2nd and 7 Foundation (a nonprofit started 20 yrs. ago by Ohio University football players who wanted to “pay it forward” and volunteer) to encourage high school students to be role models. For the past few years, Coach Vallee has taken senior athletes – football in the fall and other sports in the spring – to read to the second-graders at Washington Park Elementary School.

Why second grade? In its first year of existence, the 2nd and 7 Foundation raised money to buy books for second-graders and they raised enough for seven classrooms. Hence, it became the 2nd and 7 Foundation and has grown in various parts of the country.

Recently the seniors stood around the auditorium and took turns reading a book that was then distributed to each student. Then, each football player autographed as many students’ books as time allowed. The second-graders learned the value of reading from their “heroes,” and the seniors learned the importance of setting a good example for those who are younger. That’s a win the district will take anytime!