Lawrence County CTC SkillsUSA team ranks sixth in national competition

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image LCCTC SKillsUSAThe Opening and Closing Team from Lawrence County CTC took home a 6th place finish at the national SkillsUSA competition in Louisville, KY, in June. More than 6,000 career and technical education students competed in 100 different trade, technical and leadership areas during the 2017 competition. The Lawrence County team’s event, Opening and Closing, involves a display of teamwork and oral presentation skills as the seven-person team performs the SkillsUSA established ceremony for opening and closing events. Teams are scored on personal appearance, recitation, oral presentation, accuracy and coordination of activities, among other criteria. In a post on the school’s website, team members expressed appreciation for the experience and friendships and personal growth they gained. The team put hours of preparation in throughout the year for this event. For more information on the team’s journey and photos, visit the school’s blog post.