Kutztown Area School District Partners With Global Design And Innovation Company to Enhance Parent-teacher Communication

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Parents, Teachers, Administrators, and Community Members Unite To Strengthen Communication and Trust for Student Success

The Kutztown Area School District (KASD) teamed with national partners at The Teachers Guild and IDEO to engage in two interactive workshops inviting parents and teachers together to solve challenges in strengthening communications and partnerships.

The goal of this gathering was apply “design thinking” principles to answer the question, “How might we strengthen communication and trust between parents and teachers to support student success?”

The “It Takes A Team” design challenge gathered stakeholders together for two sessions in February and March to apply design thinking principles in order to unite parents and teachers as they co-design new solutions that create a coherent and connected ecosystem of care and support around students. The Strengthening Parent-Teacher Collaboration project fostered authentic engagement on a day-to-day basis that will reduce the perception gaps between teachers and parents and help them work together for the benefit of all students.