Hershey Elementary School students produce Trojan News Network

Derry Township School District  |  Posted on

A behind the scenes look as the students begin the “Teacher Feature” segment with Mr. Blase starting the recording

Currently in its second year of production, our fifth grade Hershey Elementary School students have developed a weekly news show called Trojan News Network. Fully produced, written and edited by students with the help of our grades 2-5 STEM teacher, Mr. Blase, these students use their recess and lunch time to develop this news broadcast every week. The broadcast is used as the morning announcements every Friday for grades K-5 and has segments such as Teacher Feature (and a creature feature), sports, weather, pets and art, along with important information for the students and staff in the schools.

The students have creative license to write and add segments that they find interesting, important or funny! It has given them the opportunity to meet and work with students in their grade from other classes and learn new skills such as filming, lighting, greenscreens, editing and writing a script. Every week there are new students who create the episodes. At the end of the year, current fourth grade students will begin to learn the process alongside the fifth grade students and Mr. Blase to prepare for next year. It’s been an excellent experience developed by and for students!

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