‘Pennies for Puppies’ raises more than $47,000 over 22 years

Hempfield School District  |  Posted on

A UDS service dog presents the check.

Each year the seventh-grade teams at Landisville Middle School in Hempfield School District take part in a “Pennies for Puppies” activity to raise money for UDS Service Dogs, an organization that breeds, trains and pairs assistance dogs with people having mobility problems. The fundraiser was started 22 years ago when a student came to school each day with the aid of a service dog. At that time, students and staff learned that it was very expensive to supply just one dog, and they wanted to help.

This year’s penny war topped last year’s fundraising by $500. The Knights Team collected more than $900; the Nobles Team collected more than $1,300. The puppies were the real winners as the copper, silver and green rolled in. Over the 22 years of running this fundraiser, Landisville Middle School has donated more than $47,000 to the puppies. For this school year, students presented a check for $2,243.39 to United Disabilities Services and their puppies.