Hawks4Haiti fosters intercultural learning

Hamburg Area School District  |  Posted on

Through the Hawks4Haiti partnership students in Haiti and Hamburg Area SD are learning more about cultural differences and the importance of education. The charitable organization was established in 2011 by Louise Keim, a retired Hamburg High School teacher, as a way to help address educational needs of children in Haiti. Since then Hamburg Area SD has conducted regular fundraisers to purchase items for Haitian schools such as laptops, chalkboards, desks, chairs, textbooks and math manipulatives. Hamburg students benefit from discussions and interactive lessons on Haitian life in their schools. Eighth-grade students at Hamburg have the opportunity to participate in an online Skype session with Haitian students to learn from peers. High school students in both areas hold a pen pal letter exchange with each other. Through these experiences, faculty and students at Hamburg can see the direct benefit of their donations and the positive impact of quality education, as well as see the world from a new perspective. Learn more about the organization on the district’s website.