Students practice compassion, new skills with dollhouse project

Harbor Creek School District  |  Posted on

Second-graders at Rolling Ridge Elementary are learning new skills in order to help a classmate in need. According to an article in the Erie Times-News, Robert Young, a teacher at the school, enlisted his class to help decorate a dollhouse for Kyla Pegher, fourth-grader who has a rare disease. Since the student is not able enjoy traditional recess, she plays with a dollhouse inside the school during this time. However, the dollhouse was in need of repairs and décor. Young and members of his family helped to make needed repairs and taught his second-grade class how to sew. The students created all kinds of blankets, rugs and pillows to adorn the dollhouse. After completing the work, they presented a slideshow of themselves working on the sewing and the refurbished dollhouse to Kyla. The class has already planned a school playdate with Kyla to celebrate the project’s completion and their new friendship.