Hanover HS students learn sound engineering skills

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Student project

Hanover High School is committed to career readiness for its students. There are three recording studios and three work stations. In partnership with the Academy for Media Production (a post-secondary school and professional studio), students work with professional equipment and programs. Students record their own music, podcasts, interviews, etc.. They can also add voice-over to videos. This is a place of creativity and enhancing their skills in the studio. HHS offers Level I, Level II and Level III of Music Technology and Sound Recording. Students that complete all three levels of the recording class will receive a micro credential with their diploma at graduation. Teachers may send students to the studio to record projects and the student engineers record and edit the projects. Band, orchestra and choral students have used the studio to record their playing. Students work with Pro Tools, which is the industry standard. They also use professional speakers, interface and microphones in the studio. Students are preparing for continuing their education in a post-secondary school to become sound engineers.