Community Art class offers a unique opportunity to create meaningful artwork

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2017-2018 Community Art Class members with samples of some of their projects

Works of art such as mobiles, mosaics and murals can be used as avenues to develop original ideas, engage the community and foster student growth. Student enrolled in the Community Art course at Grove City Area High School execute project planning and creation while considering intended audience, project location, and the stakeholders’ input. One of our current projects is a six-year endeavor that began with a large blank exterior wall at our local YMCA. In the spring of 2017, a five-panel mural was approved after Grace M., a sophomore at Grove City Area High School, collaborated with the YMCA board. As a result, the first panel, “History of our YMCA”, was established. Next, Grace meticulously painted a scale version and presented it to the YMCA for final approval. This year’s Community Art students began the process of preparing canvases, mixing paint, and hosting community painting sessions to complete the first panel. Each summer, Grove City Area SD will work with the YMCA to prepare the wall, install the murals and celebrate the community’s collective effort. This model will continue until all panels are completed in 2022.