Greater Latrobe Elementary Schools participate in a Vocabulary Challenge Event

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Greater Latrobe Elementary Students Show off their Ribbons from the Vocabulary Challenge

Greater Latrobe School District hosted a “Vocabulary Challenge” event for all three elementary schools at the eCSC (Elementary Center for Student Creativity) at Latrobe Elementary School.

The event was a culminating activity to test students’ knowledge of familiar and unfamiliar words. Each grade level (3-6) was presented with 100 vocabulary questions and competed using Kahoot!, an electronic game-based learning platform with multiple choice quizzes. The idea for the event came from a recent study of high-impact influences on achievement, which suggested that a strong vocabulary is crucial to building background knowledge while learning a new skill or subject.

November’s Vocabulary Challenge was the first of four events to be offered this school year by the district’s elementary gifted support teachers, future events include: Math Calcu-Solve in January, Quiz Bowl in February, and a Celebration of Literature event in March.