Students learn Spanish during ‘Hangouts’ at Governor Mifflin SD

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pic-google hangouts Gov Mifflin

Miles apart, but connected via Google Hangouts, Governor Mifflin elementary students complete a Spanish assignment with help from students at the high school.

When students at Brecknock Elementary School needed a little assistance with their Spanish assignment, who did they call? Students in a Governor Mifflin High School Spanish IV class, of course! Thanks to Chromebook technology in the classrooms and Google Hangouts, students at the high school were able to chat and screen share with the elementary classroom to help complete a project. Elementary students had an opportunity to practice some new vocabulary words while the high school students tested their ability to explain and communicate some of the Spanish they had learned over the years. Not only was the collaboration productive, but judging by the smiles and laughter in both classrooms, this multimedia Mustang mashup was a lot of fun too!