Gill Hall kindergartners celebrate the marriage of ‘Q’ and ‘U’

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Gill Hall Elementary School Kindergarten students and staff came together on May 22, 2019, to celebrate the marriage of Q and U. The kindergarten students have been busy learning all about the letters of the alphabet and how they are used to make words and distinct sounds. Since Q and U are often joined together to make many words, a special “wedding” was held and officiated by Matt Patterson to forever unite Q with U!

“Dearly Beloved- Boys and Girls, and All Letters of the Alphabet,

We are gathered here today to unite Q and U forever.

When Mr. Q realized he couldn’t go anywhere in a word without Miss U, he knew they would have to be together forever.

Together they will forever make the sound of /kw/ as in the words quick, quiet, and quack

Miss U is often found in many words without Mr. Q. They have agreed to keep it that way. For example, Miss U will continue to be in words by herself without Mr. Q, just like in the words fun, sun, and run.

Mr. Q, do you promise to have and to be next to Miss U forever in words? I Do

Do you promise to always make the sound of /kw/ together? I Do

Miss U, do you promise to always be with Mr. Q in a word? Like in words quiet, quick, and quack? I Do

Do you also promise to continue making words on your own without Mr. Q? Like run, fun, and sun? I Do

Then, with all of us here today, I now pronounce you as Q and U Together Forever!”

After the ceremony, there was a huge applause and the students celebrated with a reception of cookies, cake and dancing to the hokey pokey in the gymnasium!

Thank you to the Gill Hall Kindergarten teachers and Mr. Patterson for this fun and exciting learning experience!