Gill Hall Kindergarten Classes Experience Hibernation Day

West Jefferson Hills School District  |  Posted on

Gill Hall Kindergarten students recently completed the book entitled, “Bear Snores On,” by Karma Wilson, in their reading class. The story tells about one cold winter night when several animal friends gather together in the cave of a sleeping bear, who then awakes and is sad that he has missed out on the food, fun, and festivities.

Students enjoyed learning about hibernation and the use of rhyming throughout the story. As a culminating activity to “Bear Snores On,” Kindergarten Teachers planned a Hibernation Day in which the students wore their pajamas and brought a small stuffed bear to class. The children made a den/hibernation station for their stuffed animals out of a rolled paper bag and enjoyed making a special snack that looked like a bear. To top off the day, students participated in a bear hunt which resulted in a surprising find! It was another fun and educational day of learning for Gill Hall Kindergartners!