Frazier High School selected for student solar fellowship

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The Future of Schools

Frazier High School was selected by the International Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC), to be a participant in “The Students for Solar Fellowship” program. This fellowship program is a training program for high school youth leaders seeking to start solar energy campaigns in their districts. These visionaries will learn to raise student-based coalitions from scratch, grow them to span entire school districts, and spur peers to action, saving millions of dollars for their schools while offsetting tens of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide along the way. The Solar Fellowship is a national constellation of high school youth leaders in the United States determined to achieve a sustainable future. They take ambitious actions against climate change by starting solar energy projects in their school districts. The mentoring team organizing the Fellowship have collectively saved their own schools over $25 million and offset over 90,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through such solar campaigns. For the 2018-19 school year, the ISEC recruited high school students who are excited about social and environmental change and want to have a genuine impact on their local communities and the world. The Fellowship will provide the tools, knowledge and skills to launch a solar campaign from start to finish.