Forest Hills Broadcasting uses television to reach out to surrounding community

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The Forest Hills School District is proud to have the technology and capability to broadcast, in digital format, a variety of athletic events and extracurricular activities to our surrounding communities. The Forest Hills Community Outreach Channel (Comcast Channel 182) is updated daily and features district students,  and the many activities and programs that take place within our schools. The channel hosts past and present athletic events, special speakers and presentations that occur within the district, as well as holiday favorites such as the Elementary Halloween Parade, the Veterans’ Day Program, and band and choral holiday concerts and caroling events. Comcast Channel 182, however, is only one component of Forest Hills Broadcasting. The second component is the actual recording, editing and production of all events broadcast on Channel 182, which is the work of Video Production Manager Jay Elias. Mr. Elias employs the help of high school students who have an interest in video production. These students run the cameras for recorded events. In addition, all of the “on-air” commentators and announcers are employed as either coaches or teachers of the Forest Hills School District. The district is proud to provide cutting-edge technology to the Forest Hills School District and surrounding communities.