Elementary students produce morning announcements show

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Peyton S. and Julianna S. help produce the Good Morning, Bombers announcements show at S. S. Palmer Elementary School in the Palmerton Area School District.

As part of our initiative to empower our students with leadership skills at Parkside Education Center and S. S. Palmer Elementary, we have created a student-led morning announcements show. The Good Morning, Bombers show sends out a weekly link every Friday for staff members to show their classrooms on their newly acquired ActivPanels. The upbeat videos run for approximately five minutes and showcase all the great students, staff and activities happening around the school.

This team of eight sixth-grade student leaders arrives at school before starting their day to work on production and upcoming segments. This dedicated group gives up portions of their school day, including recess, to produce the weekly video. Their features include the Student Spotlight, Staff Spotlight, Staff Shoutout, Joke of the Day, Leader In Me Habit of the Week, Birthday Wishes, the Dare Wheel, and various other unique segments such as Twin Day interviews of our school’s sets of twins on 2/22/22.

The success of this club is made possible with two dedicated staff members, Mrs. Kim Nenscel and Mr. Alex Orr. They advise and harness all their incredible ideas and assist with post-production. The flexibility of the teachers also allows the student leaders to work on this endeavor. As if this wasn’t enough, the group also took over our daily morning announcements transmitted over our intercom system at S. S. Palmer Elementary School. Shortly, this ambitious group of students will be taking over Parkside Education Center’s morning announcements, too! This video has quickly become a staple of Friday mornings.

Mr. Ralph Andrews, S. S. Palmer and Parkside’s principal, stated, “I couldn’t be more proud of the work they are doing to improve our school culture and showcase all of the fantastic students, inspiring staff, and great activities and events happening around our school. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

“Mrs. Nenscel, Mr. Orr, and Mr. Andrews are helping to ignite passion and create leaders in our elementary students. It is truly amazing to see our elementary students develop skills and apply them to produce such a wonderful show that benefits the entire school,” said Dr. Jodi Frankelli, Palmerton Area School District’s superintendent.

To view one of our recent videos, please visit the website.