Students help provide for families in need

Eastern Lancaster County School District  |  Posted on

image eastern lancaster send-a-cow effortSecond-graders in Eastern Lancaster County SD have raised more than $1,300 for the Send a Cow organization, according to an article in LNP. The fundraising project started when second grade teacher Megan Humphrey read the book One Cow by Katie Milway to the students in her class. The books tells the story of a boy in Africa who gets a small loan which he uses to buy a hen. After benefiting from this purchase in many ways, the boy grows up to run a large chicken farm through which he employs others. After hearing the story, the students were motivated to send a hen to Africa. To raise money to students performed services at home and at school. The raised funds will go to purchase a dairy cow, a piglet, a donkey, a sheep, a goat, a beehive, three cockerels and seven hens for African families in need.