Students produce driver training and school bus safety videos

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Driver Safety

Our nation has seen a spate of school bus and traffic safety concerns over the past few months. There are countless reasons why so many of us have become sloppy in our driving habits; perhaps, we have forgotten the “rules of the road,” are distracted, find ourselves in too much of a hurry, are overwhelmed by the increased numbers of drivers on our roads.
This has become a particular area of concern for the TASD driver education teachers and law enforcement officials alike. A TASD’s drivers education  initiative was to make safety videos about school buses and other safe driving habits for use by the driver education program.  The first video focuses on school bus safety — how and what drivers should know and do when driving near buses.
Next is a series of eight 30-second videos that focus on right-of-way situations faced by most drivers on a daily basis.
These videos are not only utilized in the driver education program, they are shown on in-house television channel that brings daily news to all classrooms. During the students’ filming process they discussed how young drivers in particular need this reinforcement, but as the video production proceeded it became obvious that all drivers need to better understand the “rules of the road.”

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