District fights hunger one bowl at a time

Centennial School District  |  Posted on

Each bowl represents a family struggling with food insecurity in our community.

The Empty Bowls Project is a grassroots effort to bring awareness to hunger and food insecurity. Students and art teachers from across Centennial School District in grades K-12, crafted one of a kind bowls to raise money in support of the food pantry housed in one of our elementary schools.

Our artists enthusiastically created bowls during their recess time, and some volunteered to stay after school. Students imprinted various textures, leaves, rocks, and other items onto clay and then placed the slab of clay over balloons and bowls to give them shape. The bowls were fired, glazed and fired once more.

The goal of this project was to ensure we were bringing awareness to hunger and to understand the difference we can make in our community to eradicate hunger. For each monetary donation received, our gracious donors selected a beautifully handcrafted bowl as a reminder of the food insecurity that exists in our community.

The students also learned a valuable lesson in community service. They learned it is important to give back and to always spread kindness and love to those in need.