College roundtable helps prepare seniors

Delaware Valley School District  |  Posted on

The average dropout rate of college freshman currently is above 50% in the U.S. In light of that staggering statistic, one of the most important responsibilities high school educators have is to prepare seniors for the transition from high school to post-secondary education, to ensure success. Educators consistently aim to improve the process of preparation; however, the importance of students hearing from former classmates cannot be underestimated. One component of Delaware Valley SD’s preparation process is a college roundtable. This year, the district held its fourth annual roundtable on Dec. 22, and it proved to be extremely successful once again. More than 35 alumni who graduated in 2016 returned to answer questions and discuss their transition from high school to college with current college-bound seniors. The Student Council and Senior Class presidents facilitated the lively discussion. The topics ranged from study skills and time management to ways to participate in the college community and how to cope with leaving home. It was filled with excellent dialogue and meaningful reflections about the academic, social and personal expectations students have when leaving high school. The district randomly selected 50 students to return and participate in the forum, and this year multiple other graduates reached out and asked if they could come share their experiences.