Defenders Outpost a harvest of produce and learning

Warrior Run School District  |  Posted on

Local farmers markets will have a new contributor now that Warrior Run School District has started its new Defenders Outpost. In an article in the Daily Item, Warrior Run Special Education Director Julie Petrin said approximately 105 secondary students in special education will be involved and run the program with primary responsibility falling to the emotional support and life skills support programs.

The program’s initial $30,000 Competitive Integrated Employment grant was provided funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Bureau of Special Education. With the funds, the district will purchase hydroponic garden equipment, seeds, and other items to begin planting indoors and outdoors. Once produce is harvested, the plan is to have students host their own produce stand at local farmers markets. Students will receive instruction and practice in agriculture, business operations, communications skills and careers. With students involved every step of the way, the experience is education and vocational.