Creating an induction video through authentic learning

Donegal School District  |  Posted on

Like all school districts, Donegal School District has moved towards learning projects that are authentic for their students. It is important that the learning allows for the project to have a designated audience with whom to share it. Last year, a senior student at Donegal High School completed just such a project. This student accepted the challenge of creating an induction video that would be seen by all new district staff.

The district’s formal video proposal included such parameters as the length of the video, that it had to be professional in appearance, and the idea that the video needed to promote aspects of the district from the elementary schools through high school. Multiple meetings were set up between the district leadership team, high school administration and the student. The outcome was an eleven-minute video designed to “illuminate for new staff why Donegal School District is so special.”

Finally, the video was shared with the district’s board of school directors at their August meeting and received positive praise. It then reached its “final destination” as it was shared with the new district employees during their induction program in August. The project was an excellent reminder for the district that students are capable of creating professional-quality products when they are given the opportunity and means to do so.