Conshohocken Elementary students free butterflies

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The kindergarteners interacted with the butterflies on the playground.

The butterflies raised by Conshohocken Elementary School kindergarteners seemed reluctant to leave their friends when they were set free on a recent warm afternoon. After being released from their nets, the colorful butterflies fluttered about the Conshohocken playground, landing on students’ hands, feet and chests before flying to freedom. Some students said they were sad to see the insects go after having spent several weeks carefully monitoring their growth as they learn about the life cycle of the butterfly.

Each kindergarten class started with eggs and watched as they turned into caterpillars (larva stage) and then entered the chrysalis stage, where the caterpillar hangs encased for several days. Eventually, the butterflies emerged from their chrysalis and were ready to be released.

Students cared for the insects through each stage of metamorphosis and learned about the creatures via Zoom with Dina Fink, the Butterfly CEO. Ms. Fink rescues and cares for monarchs, and from her students, learned that some butterflies are in danger of becoming extinct. Students also wrote in their journals about the butterflies as part of their study.