David’s Bridal-Plymouth Whitemarsh internship program opens many doors

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Jennifer Hausmann from David’s Bridal talked about the different areas of the company that students may want to explore.

One in three brides in America gets married in a gown from David’s Bridal, an international chain headquartered in Conshohocken, PA. It takes a large and varied workforce to run, stock and support the growing operation, and students at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School will have a chance to explore the different areas as part of the school’s internship program.

Jennifer Hausmann, Merchandising Communications Manager and Special Projects Manager for David’s Bridal explained that a retail company as big as David’s can provide greater opportunities providing internships in merchandising, marketing, human resources, finance and IT, David’s Bridal will also offer tours and job shadowing to PWHS students interested in those areas.