Book recycle program helps fill classroom libraries

Colonial School District  |  Posted on

Plymouth Elementary third graders with some of the nearly 200 donated books that have headed into PE classrooms since the beginning of the year

New books usually go into Colonial School District’s elementary classrooms at the beginning of the year with the supplies that arrive over the summer. However, at Plymouth Elementary School (PE), the classroom libraries are now getting a boost every few weeks, thanks to the new PE Book Recycle program. “The kids know now what’s coming,” said Reading Specialist Cecilia Quarino. “I walk into the classroom with a stack of books, and they get so excited.” Plymouth Elementary School parent volunteer Tina West oversees the program, which has brought nearly 200 books into the school’s classroom libraries since its launch in September. Parents and students drop off used books in a collection box in the school’s lobby. Mrs. West and her daughter Leah collect the books and set aside approximately 15 minutes every night to search the titles online and record the guided reading level on the inside cover of each book. During literacy centers in Language Arts, Plymouth Elementary students are encouraged to find “just right books” for independent reading. In addition to being on the correct guided reading levels, the donated books also reflect topics and series that the students are excited to¬†explore.