Colonial’s kindergartners plant trees for Arbor Day

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Colonial School District Turf Manager Gene Kelly shares the history of Arbor Day before helping the kindergartners plant at crabapple tree at Ridge Park Elementary School.

As budding scientists, kindergartners in the Colonial School District study trees. They learn the parts, how photosynthesis works and the value of “observation” by watching how trees change during the different seasons. As a final project in the year-long unit, the kindergarten students at all four K-3 elementary schools have planted trees for Arbor Day on school grounds since the program began in 2008. “They absolutely love it. We’ve been looking at trees all year and noticing the different stages of the trees that have been planted in the past,” said Peggy Smith, kindergarten teacher at Ridge Park Elementary School. “For them to have their own tree outside is exciting, because they feel like they’re contributing to our school and that the tree is part of their legacy.” This year, they planted pear and crabapple trees. The students also learned the history of Arbor Day and the benefits of planting trees from the district’s turf supervisor, Gene Kelly.