Coffee cart makes daily stops at Colonial Middle School

Colonial School District  |  Posted on

Baristas Kayla Nelson and Livy Chew making a morning coffee delivery at CMS.​

Staff at Colonial Middle School (CMS) don’t have an opportunity to pop out to the coffee shop during the day, so students in Ansley Dawidziuk’s class brings the coffee shop to them.

“My favorite part is delivering the coffee to the teachers,” said CMS student Livy Chew. “It makes me feel happy.”

“It’s warmly welcomed by a lot of teachers,” added Ms. Dawidziuk, who teaches the Life Skills class at CMS. “It’s a little perk to help teachers have a happier day and get the kids out and about in the school.”

The students work on money skills, social skills and time management when they’re making the rounds with the cart. The teachers order by Google form online, and the students prepare and deliver the drinks at the requested time. The students even have a frequent shopper card program, where teachers collect punches on a card to earn free coffee.

“It empowers them. It gives them a connection to all of the staff. And it makes them feel like an important part of the building,” said CMS Assistant Principal and daily customer Tara Collice. “They’re fabulous kids, and they’re making a lot of people very happy.”

As a special treat, the students also offer CMS staff members free coffee on their birthdays.