STEAM in the real world: Komatsu Mining Corp Field Trip

Third, fourth, and fifth graders at Oakview Elementary (Lakeview School District) in Stoneboro, PA have an opportunity for the first time ever to stay after school and learn more about STEAM initiatives. Club 212 was designed to help students make new friends while participating in engaging learning opportunities. Over half of the students in these grades stay twice a month to build amusement park rides with K’nex, create products on 3D printers, design their own shirt on the Silhouette Cameo, build Lego marble mazes, and so much more! All of the supplies for this opportunity have been donated by local businesses or family and friends and is staffed completely by teachers and parents who volunteer.

A partnership with Rock Creek Wellness has provided an opportunity for students to learn mindfulness skills and exercises promoting positive mental health. A Licensed Professional Counselor meets with students during Club 212 to teach them skills that they can use to improve their level of relaxation and enjoyment in school as well as in the home and community.

Fifth grade students recently visited Komatsu Mining Corporation ( for a look at real world STEAM occupations. Students got to see products printed on the 3D printers, toured the facility, and met with engineers. Engineers spoke to the students about how they must be adaptive and constantly looking for ways to do things better and more efficiently. Resiliency was a theme that students took away from this field trip!