Central Dauphin East MS uses new strategies, technologies to support 21st Century learners

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img_0732Central Dauphin East Middle School is a diverse school with approximately 750 students.  The student body is made up of 70% minority students who speak 18 different languages.  21% of students receive special education services, and nearly 70% come from low income families.  While the amount of student “risk factors” continue to increase, EMS’s dedication to equally and effectively educate every student regardless of their address or economic status remains stronger than ever.

In June, EMS administrators presented at a major educational conference in Orlando, FL, as a “Model School.”  At the conference, Principal Miller and her administrative team shared strategies on the importance of improving school culture and building positive relationships. Central Dauphin administrators collaborated with other public schools to identify strategies that support continuous self-reflection and school improvement.  As a result, the EMS administrative team is looking forward to implementing new strategies and new technologies in creative ways to better support our 21st Century learners.

East Middle School’s next challenge is to utilize student data to support rigorous instruction.  The goal of our data-driven instruction is to not only improve student performance, but also to effectively prepare students for life after high school.  Already this year, EMS is adopting a new process of analyzing student data to meet the needs of each individual student.  Additionally, after identifying major academic and emotional challenges for sixth-grade students, Principal Miller created and implemented a new and innovative schedule to better meet their needs.