CCPSTC Offers Certification Testing

Central PA Institute of Science & Tech  |  Posted on

fire-fighter certification pictureOn May 19 and 20, the Centre County Public Safety Training Center at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology held a two-day certification testing assessment with 26 candidates through the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy. This was a pilot test for the CCPSTC to be a site for all future certifications. “For the first certification test, the outcome was positive and went very well for all who went through the certification process,” CCPSTC Coordinator Mark Keller said.  The certification requires participants to successfully complete a written and skills test based on the level of certification for which they’re qualified. Keller said the CCPSTC is holding certification testing for Firefighter I, Hazardous Material Awareness and Driver/Operator Pumper. “Certification is very important for all volunteer fire departments because it’s tied to grants,” Keller said. “This was an enormous undertaking, however we met the requirements for commonwealth standards.”