World language program receives Golden Globe Award

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Carlynton High School juniors John Cantwell, David Creely and Sydney Franchik participate in a Mystery Skype with students from Brazil. The activity promotes language fluency in the Spanish IV Dual Enrollment class.

The Carlynton Junior-Senior High School World Language Program is the recipient of the 2017 Golden Globe Award, presented by the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA). The award places the school’s foreign language program among the top in the Commonwealth and recognizes the school as one in an elite group of exemplary foreign language programs. In addition to recognition for teacher engagement, Carlynton’s foreign language department was recognized for its Spanish and French dual enrollment programs that offer students the ability to earn college credits while in high school, through a partnership with local universities. The seventh- and eighth-grade world language exploratory programs also received commendations as did the department’s fluency assessment, simulated oral proficiency interview. Engaging opportunities also are provided to students, including Mystery Skypes with students in foreign countries and travel options to the Yucatan Peninsula. Again this summer, 22 students will travel with teacher escorts to Mexico for a life-changing experience.