Looking to redesign the traditional parent/teacher conference night, students and staff at Big Spring High School worked together to put their learning on display for the community at a schoolwide Student Exhibition Night.

The evening was structured to allow each department to showcase the work their students were most proud of during the first semester. These included a museum detailing different aspects of African history and culture, with each display having the requirement that it be made out of recycled materials, a live demonstration of a Socratic Seminar by students, students explaining a number of labs from physics class, a live demonstration of the parts and functions of a sheep’s brain and eye, students from technical writing class demonstrating everything from welding to how to properly apply cosmetics, and a host of other interesting displays and demonstrations.

Parents, teachers and community members wandered the halls engaging with, or being engaged by, students, which helped to create a fun, almost carnival-like, atmosphere. Adding to this energy was the fact that the event was live broadcasted by our students from media class on various social media channels, and outside agencies were set up to talk with parents and guardians of special needs students about transition services.

The evening concluded with a complimentary dinner for staff and the community, just before the winter band and chorus concert. In all, this evening was the best attended event related to academics the school has ever had. An even bigger and better Student Exhibition Night is planned for the spring.