Bellefonte Area Spanish students participate in Monster Project

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monster projectThe Monster project students in the Bellefonte Area High School Spanish department are involved in is one that Spanish teacher Emily Zimdahl-McManus says reviews vocabulary in the language and encourages creativity. Each year during Halloween time, students are required to participate in the project, which acts as an authentic assessment for project learning about human body parts, with increasing difficulty depending on the level of the class they’re enrolled in. Students in Zimdahl-McManus and Victoria Butch’s Spanish classes created a body of their own design and labeled body parts in the Spanish language. It’s a project Zimdahl-McManus brought to the district about six years ago.

Class winners:
First period, Spanish 4 Honors: Natalie Book
Second period, Spanish 5: Victoria Abbott
Third period, Spanish 2: Melina Weaver
Fourth and fifth periods, AP Spanish: Marley Lambert
Ninth period, Spanish 2: Brynn Albright
Tenth period, Spanish 4 Honors: Jessica Shearer

The students also celebrated Day of the Dead from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2. Also known as Día de Muertos, the holiday encourages families and friends of the dead to gather and celebrate their spiritual journey to the afterlife.