BEA students learn about 9/11

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Howard Elementary School teacher Margaret Bonson was sitting in the same class she now teaches, when the events of Sept. 11, 2001 occurred. Seventeen years later she has the chance to help teach students about what happened on that tragic day.

Howard Elementary School students in third through fifth grades participated in a 9/11 project. They read an article posted on the History Channel’s website about the attacks and events that lead to the actions, and then created a timeline to understand the events in detail, which Bonson said was a great way to help the younger students get a better understanding of a day they never experienced. “I was sitting in the exact classroom I teach in now when 9/11 occurred,” she said. “I was also in fifth grade – and my fifth graders were amazed that I was in their place 17 years ago when the attack happened.” During the project, Bonson said the third-grade students had the most pressing questions. During a discussion about the heroes of 9/11, such as firefighters, police officers, other first-responders and more, one student started to tear up when talking about the worries she has for her dad who is also a volunteer firefighter.