Kindergarten students participate in Earth Day fashion show

Bald Eagle Area School District  |  Posted on

You don’t always see students dressed in accessories made of plastic, cardboard, paper and other recyclable material. But on April 23, Mary Price’s kindergarten class at Wingate Elementary School were encouraged to wear items made of those materials for the Earth Day fashion show.

It was an event organized by student teacher Jen Huynh, from Penn State, to help educate students about the importance of promoting healthy earthy stewardship – not just on Earth Day, but every day. Earth Day, annually celebrated on April 22, is a global initiative that supports environmental protection.

Students took the stage in groups that represented fashion show themes such as ocean, superhero, video game and fairy. And according to Huynh, they worked for about a month on creating recyclable costumes.

Emcee’d by Huynh, she also encouraged audience participation as she asked other students about recycling, pollution and more.

“I’m really happy the way the project turned out,” she said.

Huynh is the student teacher in Price’s class on Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school year.