Students Taylor Brewer, Garrett Rees and Mason Valenti tested their technology skills at the 2019 Capital Area IU Regional Media and Design Competition, also known as the Computer Fair in Carlisle. The purpose of the event is to highlight students’ application skills, creativity and knowledge. Students from all across the region submitted creative projects in areas such as 3D design, animation, digital movie, logo and graphic design, programming and web page design. Along with the project, competitors were required to submit a narrative description or summary with background information on the entry, the vision for the project, a list of software applications and equipment used to create it, a description of the process and other details.

Students Sari Setzer, Jacob Hooftallen and Blake Burrows traveled to Harrisburg for the 2019 STEM Design Challenge. Competitors are required to design and build a machine out of K’Nex that will move three objects at least six inches across a table. The “crane” part of the machine must pick up each object, move it six inches and set it back down. Entries were judged on creativity, teamwork, challenge success, design and presentation in addition to environmental “friendliness.”