High school students visit archeology dig site

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Archeology Dig – L to R; Jack Werner, Alexandria Martelli, Hailey Illes, Kaela Thomspon and Kacie Powell.

Last week, four different Pequea Valley High School classes went to visit a local archeological dig, AP US History being one of those classes.

The archeologist talked to the students about how history can be changed just by finding new evidence in one key area. This is an exploratory dig before a new bridge is being built. Students were shown the purposed blueprints and some older maps dating back to the 1800s that show a bridge in this area, they also got to see the soil layers. Our students are just finishing the Revolutionary war and Lancaster county was involved in this conflict. Students saw how deep that layer of history is (about three feet deep) and how this area was at one time covered with trees.