Ecology club practices hydroponic, aquaponic gardening

Ambridge Area School District  |  Posted on
image Ecology club's soil planters located in the school’s stairwell

Ecology club’s soil planters located in the school’s stairwell

Ambridge Area High School’s ecology club is teaching students about hydroponic gardening, aquaponic gardening and the environment through experiential activities. Students helped construct water-based or hydroponic growing stations in which they raise seedlings to be replanted in soil. The soil planters are located in the school’s stairwell, complete their grow lights and a water filtration system. According to an article in the Beaver County Times, last year the school implemented an aquaponics system using goldfish to nourish growing plants. This year students are working to expand the system using larger fish like catfish or tilapia. Lettuce grown in the aquaponic garden was used in the cafeteria salad bar. Other plants grown are sold as a fundraiser. The club’s greenhouse, located on the lawn, features a vertical drip irrigation system and a compost bin. Students from the school’s engineering class built custom shelving to use in the greenhouse. In addition to gardening activities, club members also coordinate a schoolwide student-run paper recycling project and participate in community cleanup projects and tree-planting projects. For more on the club, visit the Facebook page.