Allegheny Valley hosts Senior Brunch

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National Honor Society members volunteer at the annual Senior Citizen Brunch.

On November 1, 2019, the Allegheny Valley School District hosted its Senior Citizen Brunch. A program developed in 2004 to thank local senior residents for their support of and involvement in the school district.

The program involves district students at all grade levels, with the younger elementary students providing a take-home “favor” for the attendees, the upper elementary students providing entertainment, and the high school Honor Society members participating as hosts, attendants, and speakers.
Any senior resident is welcome to attend. We ask for reservations to ensure there’s enough food. The National Honor Society officers welcome individuals as they come to the building and help those who need assistance with seating. Administrators are also on-hand to visit with the members of the community. Brunch is usually a soup, light sandwich, sides, and dessert. Elementary students make favors in their classrooms, and one is placed at each seat. The favors can be bookmarks, magnets, etc. for the attendees to take home.

The event is kicked off with a welcome message from the National Honor Society President. This year, he reminded those in attendance, “We are here today to show our appreciation to all of you. To thank you all for everything…We feel your inspiration every day and we know you are all proud of us. Whether it be our academic accomplishments or your attendance at our sporting, musical, or any school event, you continuously root for us.”

Entertainment for the event brings the District’s Chamber Singers, students in grades 5 & 6, to perform songs of the season. Some years, they lead a sing-a-long and have the seniors join them in music. Members of NHS serve food, drink, and talk with the seniors throughout the event. The Brunch serves as a great way for these two age groups to connect.

The goals of the event are many. First and foremost, it is to show appreciation for the support and sacrifices these residents have given to the School District. It is also a tremendous opportunity for inter-generational learning. The seniors love to visit with the students, and the students really enjoy talking with the senior citizens. In fact, the number of students volunteering to help with the program continues to grow each year. To make that more significant, the event is held on a day when students aren’t in school. Participants give up their own time to help with the event. Finally, the event shows students a way to give back. The Senior Citizen Brunch is a very positive way to honor, thank, and respect others. Above all, it’s an act of kindness that truly can’t be measured.