Adventure Camp reengages, educates students

Lehighton Area School District  |  Posted on

Academic and Adventures Camp for K-8 students in Lehighton Area School District, is making use of ESSER funds to addressing learning loss during the summer in a fun way, and help students reengage with the school community.

Each week of Adventure Camp is a different theme. During Camping Week, students campers built a tent out of play dough, popsicle sticks and paper, wrote down instructions on how to make a s’more, wrote stories, and told ghost stories around a “campfire” in the library. They also utilized flashlights for English Language Arts activities, spoke about fire safety, and improved upon social skills through board games, play and peer learning. Several volunteers from the community shared experiences about living in a tent and learning survival skills.

In an article in the Times-News, Tim Tkach, Lehighton assistant to the superintendent, said the district is seeing more students in all of its camps, such as Title I reading and math: “There are about 40-50 kids in the reading camp and that’s a really good number for us. When the school year gets rolling, there will be assessments to see where everyone is at, but these are all critical activities to bridging that gap after a very challenging year for everyone.”